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The Westmont Adjustable Bed

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Westmont Adjustable Beds UK They make the flattest motor driven adjustable bed in the world.

About Westmont Design GmbH

Westmont Design GmbH, founded 1999 in Düsseldorf, is specialized in the development and production of fully integrated drive technology for sleep systems. This is the flattest motor-driven adjustable bed yet. Loose cables, dust susceptible mechanics and motors are no longer to be seen, box and flat beds are therefore possible. Everything is within the framework unlike conventional motor frameworks, giving a high safety level.

The extra quiet drive mechanism is run by 4 low voltage maintenance free motors and with infrared-remote control is easily operated. The remote control has a memory function which when set will remember a favourite position. The Westmont adjustable bed offers a high degree of comfort and a contemporary design. It gives excellent support to the spinal column.

Westmont is a German company that we have been dealing with for a while now. Their adjustable beds although a little more expensive than our own, are made to such a high standard that we felt that they compliment our own product range. Alongside their distinct branding, our organisation and great customer service offers the retailer requiring multiple beds or a customer wanting one bed, everything they need.

They make the flattest motor driven adjustable bed in the world. The loose cables, linkages and motors that are to be found on most adjustable beds are all integrated into the framework. Disruptive, dust-susceptible mechanics and drives are no longer to be seen. Technology provides free space under the bed and excludes the danger of injury by mechanics which are completely encapsulated.

In addition to its use in conventional bed frames, the 4Motion Bed System can optionally be used as a Stand Alone version when supplied with the aluminium foot bars set. The system has an infrared-control as standard.

The upper cover of the 4Motion bed system is cotton – polyester composite (75% cotton, 25% polyester). The quilted inlet consists of 100% polyester (350g/ m2). Due to the elasticity of the cover material the maximum comfort of the foam core adapts perfectly to the body.

The upper part of the cover can easily be removed and cleaned or replaced thanks to zippers. With the version called cover the cover material is manufactured to allow for a specified depth of mattress to be inserted giving a more streamline look to the bed.

The beautifully woven cover comes in 3 different colours: Pearl (has a golden thread woven through the material), Opal (which has a silvery thread woven through the material) and Onyx (which is grey). It is extremely resilient and therefore requires the minimum of maintenance. The system is totally air permeable and maintenance-free. OPAL