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Hoists - Omnilift 170e - (Electric Leg Opening)


• A compact design that incorporates a wide leg width adjustment
• Detachable battery pack with LCD battery level indicator and desktop charger - Allows for visual identification of the amount of charge held in the battery, and detachment of battery for charging where convenient for the user
• Safe working load of 170kg, combined with a high lifting range - Provides maximum performance making this product both capable and versatile
• Powered leg adjustment. This enables use in confined areas, ensures a stable base and greater flexibility of use - Sympathetic to both the carer and client this allows for ease of use on difficult flooring or when leg adjustment is required whilst in use


Lifting capacity 170kg
Total Weight 40kg
Chassis Weight 19.5kg
Mast with actuator 20.5kg
Chassis 4 Lightweight castors
360 degrees swivelling
Braked Rear Castors
Number of lifts possible per battery charge Approx 40 lifts @ 85kg
Charging period 5-14 hours
Colour Silver
Turning Radius 127cm
Chassis Width 59cm (travel legs parallel)
Chassis Width (open) 116cm
Chassis Length 115cm
Chassis Height with
Castor Diameter 75mm 12cm (front)
Castor Diameter 100mm 13.5cm (back)
Overall Height 134cm (boom at lowest position)
Boom Height
Lowest Setting 48cm
Highest Setting 183cm
Boom Length 79cm

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Slings - Fast Fit Deluxe Sling


The fast Fit Deluxe Sling is designed to give full body support, offering additional support to sacral and thigh area. It has quilted material for extra comfort and positional loops to offer different  seating positions.

SMALL 3401 Polyester 3404 Net
MEDIUM 3402 Polyester 3405 Net
LARGE 3403 Polyester 3406 Net

Long Seat Sling


The Long Seat Sling has been designed for extra comfort, ideal for those who are not comfortable with divided leg pieces. It is also recommended for amputee clients.

SMALL 3501 Polyester 3601 Net
MEDIUM 3502 Polyester 3602 Net
LARGE 3503 Polyester 3603 Net

Fast Fit Sling


The Fast Fit Sling is an all purpose Sling, easy to use with full back and leg support. It has quilted leg pieces for additional support and positional loops to offer different seating positions.

SMALL 3201 Polyester
MEDIUM 3202 Polyester
LARGE 3203 Polyester

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Comfort Sling


The New Comfort Sling has been designed to give extra support and comfort. It is a general  purpose sling that can also be used for toileting with an integral head support.

SMALL 3301 Polyester
MEDIUM 3302 Polyester
LARGE 3303 Polyester

Dress Sling


The Dress Sling is an Easy Fit general purpose sling, specifically designed for easy access for toileting. The sling allows access to adjust clothing and is fitted with Velcro waist support for extra security.
SMALL 3101 Polyester
MEDIUM 3102 Polyester
LARGE 3103 Polyester

Special Sling Options


Full lining in Simulated sheepskin
Full lining in Terry Toweling
Full lining in Comfort Polyester
Full lining in Parachute
Sling manufactured in Parachute material
*Not available in the long seat sling
Part lining in Simulated Sheepskin
Part lining in Terry Toweling
Part lining in Comfort Polyester
Part lining in Parachute
Slings are also available in Extra Small and Extra Large Sizes.
All Slings have colour coded loops for assessment / application.
Sling sizes are identified by the following coloured edging:
Small - Red Medium - Yellow L

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