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Memory Tech Pillows

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Memory Tech Pillows for your Adjustable Bed

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Memory Tech PillowsMemory Tech PillowsMemory Tech PillowsMemory Tech Pillows

Memory Tech Pillow
68cm x 42cm (27" x 17") - £33

Memory Tech Pillows

  • Memory foam Pillows £33 each including VAT.
  • The memory foam qualities allow it to conform to the shape of your head and neck with just the right amount of support for perfect spinal alignment.
  • Soft and supple, the temperature sensitive memory tech pillow is the ideal pillow for use with an adjustable bed.
  • Size is 68cm x 42cm (27" x 17") which fits standard pillow cases.
  • Weight of approx 1.6kgs.
  • Density of between 60-65 kg/m3.

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