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No Sweat Mattress Pad

No Sweat Mattress Pad

A common disturbance to a good night sleep is sweating. The cause may be that you have a mattress that does not allow air circulation between yourself and the mattress surface, or that there is no air circulation within the mattress itself. A ‘No Sweat Mattress Pad’ is the best mattress protector to give mattress ventilation. The way the ‘no sweat mattress pad’ works is to simply create an air gap between you and the mattress surface


If it is so wonderful, why did no one think of it before?

Until recent advances in material technology, most mattress protectors were made from a combination of polyester and cotton (poly cotton) with a layer of polyester fiber quilted in between. This serves its purpose quite well as the fiber layer creates an air gap which does reduce the sweat problem. Unfortunately laying on the mattress pad or mattress protector compresses the fiber and so it is no longer a breathable mattress protector. The ‘no sweat mattress pad’ is different and is only made possible through very recent technological advances. This hi-tech material solves the problem of sweating by actually creating an air gap and maintaining an air flow even when you are laying on it.

In these pictures it is possible to see how the air gap in the ‘No Sweat Mattress Pad’ is created by a pile yarn holding the soft top and bottom layers apart

new no sweat mattress pad

Amazing new no sweat mattress pad to reduce sweating

This pile yarn is controlled during its manufacture to create the perfect hardness, loft and spring characteristics to give the perfect properties for mattress ventilation.


Soft feel mattress pad with spacer fabric

A No Sweat Mattress Pad gives the best mattress ventilation

The fabric is made up into a ‘no sweat mattress pad’ by High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd depending on the type of mattress that the mattress pad is intended. For example the ‘no sweat mattress pad’ for a waterbed mattress is not used in conjunction with any existing mattress protectors. So for a waterbed the spacer fabric is doubled over to create an even greater air gap. Although a waterbed is temperature controlled by a thermostat, it is not possible to sleep directly on the vinyl of the mattress. An open ended zip is sewn around the complete no sweat mattress pad so that it can be removed for washing. If you find you suffer from sweating on a waterbed mattress, the no sweat mattress pad is the answer. The only drawback is that the spacer fabric is particularly expensive and so doubling up the spacer fabric may make it the best mattress pad to reduce sweat but it is not cheap.

The ‘no sweat mattress pad’ for an adjustable bed mattress is used in conjunction with what ever mattress cover the mattress is supplied with. The mattress protectors used by High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd are already a very high quality with a good layer of fiber, however as mentioned previously, the fiber will compress reducing the air gap. If you feel you have the need for the ‘no sweat mattress pad’ on an adjustable bed we offer two options. The first option is by far the best except for the price. The ‘no sweat mattress pad’ is made up as a complete casing. A zip off spacer fabric mattress pad, zipped to a fabric casing that encapsulates the adjustable bed mattress. This keeps the ‘no sweat mattress pad’ under tension and reduces the crumpling effect when the adjustable bed is raised and lowered. The lower price option, although not cheap is the ‘no sweat mattress pad’ made up as a conventional mattress protector with elasticated corners. These are the same as our ‘no sweat mattress protectors used on our range of conventional mattresses, memory foam, reflex foam and pocket spring mattresses for ordinary divan bases.



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