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Question and Answer for waterbed mattresses

Question and Answer for waterbed mattresses

Found you on the web. Can you help?

I have a waterbed with softside support for the mattress.  It has thinner foam at the top of the mattress level and thicker at the bottom.  So the waterbed mattress has a larger rectangular area on the top where we lay, and smaller where the waterbed heater goes. It also has maximum restriction or stability, so no waves, so we do not disturb each other.

The waterbed mattress is 10 years old and I need a replacement . Can you supply / make one for that?  It is about 5’3″ wide on the top surface, maybe 4’11” at heater level.

Thanks Customers name Removed


Hi Customers name Removed,

We do have waterbed mattresses that fit the dimensions you have given. In order to be certain, would it be possible for you to measure the outside width and length with the top cover zipped up. I expect you will confirm that it is 6′ wide and 6’6″ long which is a standard Super king size waterbed, or American King size.

Your description of the stability sounds like the ‘Super Stable 95% waterbed Mattress’ which stops straight away. I have attached a youtube video for comparison however it is not a Hollywood production.

Waterbed mattresses are  generaly  stock and can be sent Tuesday to arrive Wednesday, We have two qualities of mattress. The cheap option is a quality that is supplied to cheap shops or online internet sellers offering the cheapest waterbeds at the cheapest prices. We consider these cheap waterbed mattresses to be a false economy with the better quality mattresses being £309.00 + £10 carriage

If you require a new waterbed safety liner  this would add £35

The mattress comes with a five year warranty and 8oz waterbed conditioner for the first six months and includes VAT.

After you have had the waterbed mattress for six months you will receive a reminder that another 4oz conditioner needs to be added.

If you have any further questions please email or call John on 0800 074 3338

I hope this helps


Hi Customers name Removed,

Thanks for your information regarding the waterbed size. You certainly know your onions! You are of course correct. The mattress is smaller than the overall size which is a standard Super king size. I have watched the youtube video and am very surprised that you did not even get a nomination let alone an Oscar.  Again you are correct. Our old waterbed mattress is the same as the stable mattress. I have been on your website and can see that I can pay online but call me old fashioned, I get nervous with that stuff, so many stories of credit card fraud. Can you call me on Customers number Removed, so I can pay over the phone. Can I have the mattress sent to a work address because there will be no one home in the day to receive it.

Thank you again for spending the time to answer my questions.

Customers name Removed,

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