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Cheap single & twin electric adjustable beds Manufactured in Hampshire


I will begin with a little warning about the expression ‘You get what you pay for’. This is quite often the case. Example, a cheap 500 piece socket set made in China for £5.00 and twenty litres of diesel. What did you expect when the ratchet slipped on the first nut you tried to undo? However, there are unscrupulous firms that have literally cashed in on this expression. By over inflating their prices to the public and some impressive marketing, customers are led to believe that the more they spend the better the product. An example which is totally unrelated to adjustable beds which hopefully means I am less likely to get in trouble again. Stella beer, the marketing is great, the slogan ‘reassuringly expensive’

But ask any of the lads what pint they really fancy, and it will be one of the normal cheap beers. Sorry, none of the beers are cheep anymore.  The one that will order the Stella is the one trying to impress his mates that he is a connoisseur even if he hates the taste Back to the adjustable beds.

Cheap adjustable beds are usually offered in full page adverts, online and in bed shops in all areas of the country.

Stating the obvious, for any retailer to sell cheap adjustable beds, he must buy cheaper than he sells. That is fine, but the retailer must in turn buy from a manufacturer who needs to make a profit or he won’t survive long in business. This means, to keep their prices down, retailers push and push the manufacturer to come up with an electric adjustable bed that is acceptable, I won’t say excellent, but at a price a retailer can sell at a price cheaper than their competition. Members of the public can not generally buy direct from the  manufacturers. If they could it would put a lot of middle men out of business.Who is the middle man? The retailer.

High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd are in a strong position as they manufacture adjustable beds and waterbeds in their factory in Chichester West Sussex, and also retail under their retail division, Back Care Beds.  The quality of both their single and twin  beds are superior  to their competitors because they source components globally that meet the high specifications demanded by our production department.

How do High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd keep cheap adjustable bed prices that attracts retailers and the public?

Quantity. Manufacturers of the individual components, lets say for example the adjustable bed motor. We currently buy from a German manufacturer.  This manufacturer is in our opinion manufacture the best motors in the world. As a result of the quantity that we buy, Back Care Beds are rewarded with preferential prices. This brings down our manufacturing costs. This is an example of just one component of the electric adjustable bed mechanism. Collectively reduce the cost of each of the components that make the mechanism and you have the highest quality at a price that can be retailed at a cheap price.  Back Care Beds can, therefore, provide the highest quality and low prices giving their customers the best possible value.  High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd also benefits from this policy because their adjustable beds provide greater customer satisfaction so we do not need to waste valuable time dealing with customer complaints unlike those who provide lower quality.

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