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Cheap adjustable beds

Cheap adjustable beds on the internet are exactly what they say except they don’t mention cheap quality. It is possible for an manufacturer to cut out the wholesaler to reduce the price. Retailers are not in the same position, and I won’t say “fortunate position”. Adjustable bed manufacturers supply retailers and work on very small profit margins only to be told that they will not buy from them  if the manufacturer sells direct to the public. The reason is simple, after adding the retail profit margin and accounting for the colossal overheads of a retail shop, there is no way that a retailer can afford to compete with the adjustable bed manufacturer.

So how does a retailer reduce their selling price? Simple, reduce the buying price of the adjustable bed mattress and base. The manufacturer is already supplying at a low profit margin in order to compete, so to reduce the price he must reduce the quality. Something has to give, you can’t get something for nothing.

High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd pride themselves on the quality of the components used to make the adjustable beds which in turn, with state of the art production methods and quality control mean High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd produce the best quality on the market. A bold statement but in twenty two years of making adjustable beds, I have never come across another that would rival a one of ours. We are in the fortunate position of not having our retailers dictate how we operate our business. Back Care Beds, is the trading name of High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd’s retail division, allowing Back Care Beds to sell at prices close to our trade price.

A search on Google shows retailers selling adjustable beds for as little as £399.00 but dig a little deeper and the true price is revealed. The price for a 2’6” is only £349 but get a 3’ single adjustable bed and the price is £50 more. Comes complete with a throw away mattress, quality landlords put in student accommodation, so you pay to upgrade. A one year guarantee, so if something goes wrong after the first year, read the small print for servicing costs and replacement parts. If the complete adjustable bed only cost £349 why is a replacement motor £400 when it is still in the warranty period of one year? Back Care Beds give a five year guarantee. If a motor needed replacing outside of the warranty period it would be £100 for the best quality German motors. (At the time of writing this.)

Back Care Beds could produce an adjustable bed that we could retail at less than £349 but if I would not sell it to a friend, then I would not sell it to a member of the public who would crucify us with criticism. Before the days of the internet High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd prospered through recommendation. This may be something that has been lost through the impersonality of the internet. We are in the early stages of selling adjustable beds through the internet and have a lot to learn about marketing. Any suggestions to improve our website would be most welcome, We may need to learn about marketing but we could teach our competition a thing or two about quality and service. So to summarise, Like for like Back Care Beds sell the cheapest high quality adjustable beds money can buy.

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