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Choosing the QUALITY of your waterbed mattress

Choosing the QUALITY of your waterbed mattress

We all know that spring and foam mattresses give a relatively short period of supportive life before they begin to sag. A waterbed mattress however can last much longer, cost much less and give better support.

Standard waterbed mattress range:

*made from thinner vinyl than our deluxe range of waterbed mattresses.

*Cut smaller to reduce material cost.

*Made from a lower cost general purpose vinyl.

*Comes with a standard two year guarantee.

*Life expectancy, four years.

Deluxe waterbed mattress range

*£50 More expensive than our standard range of  mattresses.

*Made from thicker vinyl than our standard range.

*Generously cut to fit, ensuring perfect support.

*Made with vinyl specifically developed for waterbed mattresses.

*Comes with a standard five year guarantee.

*Life expectancy, eight years plus.


Why do we sell two qualities of waterbed mattress?

High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd supply both trade and retail customers. It would be nice to think that we only sell the best quality mattresses money can buy, but since the evolution of the internet things have changed.

Internet shoppers (and that could be you as you are reading this) want the lowest price for what you would hope to be high quality whether it is a complete waterbed being hardside or softside,  mattress, safety liner or heater, unfortunately that is not necessarily the case.

Standard waterbed mattress range We supply mattresses to online retailers. Because they do not have a showroom for customers to compare the different quality. They will generally buy our standard range. The problem for the consumer is that the retailer will market this as a high quality waterbed mattress. They will also offer a five year guarantee, but this is not from the manufacturer or wholesaler. Will the online retailer still be in business in years to come if you have a problem with your mattress?

Deluxe waterbed mattress range We supply waterbeds to retailers with high street locations. These shops have a reputation to keep and rely far more on recommendation than retailers that sell only online. ‘High & Dry Waterbeds’ is a good example. Our own retail outlets on Elm Grove in Southsea, and Chichester, West Sussex which is where our manufacturing is centered. Our best sales happen when our shop is busy, interested customers mix with existing waterbed owners. In order to get genuine information they will discuss the many benefits of a waterbed and which mattress to choose. It is always the existing owner that will rave about how wonderful it is and how they no longer suffer with back pain. THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN IF WE SOLD THE STANDARD QUALITY WATERBED MATTRESSES.

Quite often a customer will search online for the lowest price, make the purchase and be quite content, because even a standard quality mattress is far better than a conventional sprung mattress. However, had they paid the extra £50 and ordered a deluxe waterbed mattress, they would have been much happier.  So to sum up, long term, the standard quality waterbed mattress is a false economy.

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