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Profiling and lifting height adjustable bed

If you require an adjustable bed but you also need it to be height adjustable.

In situations where an adjustable bed is needed and professional carers are employed it will be a requirement for the bed to be height adjustable as well as having head and foot end adjustment.  There are two types of mechanism that will raise the bed but we have discontinued the power lifting mechanism   in favour of  the all in one profiling and lifting mechanism. profiling-and-lifting adjustable bedIn our opinion the profiling and lifting adjustable bed mechanism is far safer to use. The mattress will sit at a lower height as a starting point. It will also be more sturdy having a larger footprint than the power lifter. Because the mechanism sits within the bed frame rather than free standing on the floor it will be easier to move because it will use our normal castors with brakes.

The only downside is that it is more expensive and will increase the cost of the adjustable bed. At the time of writing this, you would need to add £650 to our build a bed feature. Considering all the benefits, the extra cost is worth paying.

If the profiling and lifting mechanism is to be used next to another bed, a risk assessment should carried out by a professional.

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