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Mattress side retainers for cheaper quality adjustable beds

Mattress side retaining bars for Adjustable beds

Sir, I am looking for side retainers for a double adjustable bed, and a Google search provided me with a similar request in September of this year. 2 questions: What is the clipping pitch (our bed would require circa 180mm to clip between 2 slats)? Are the retainers shown still available at the price illustrated (£5 each + £6 next day carrier + VAT, Total £30.55)? If the answer to both questions is “yes”, I would like to buy a set. Many Thanks Customer details removed

Hello Customer details removed,

Yes the price is still the same for the adjustable bed mattress side retaining bars. I have attached a picture to show the pitch of the clips which are approximately 104mm.

Different manufacturers of adjustable beds vary the pitch, but only slightly, so.I suspect you may have measured the pitch of two pairs of slats instead of two individual slats. If this is the case then yes again.

thanks John

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Thanks John

Hi John,

Thanks for this. It may be that I have not described my requirement well enough, its not the bars I am after, but the mattress retaining brackets, which screw onto the slats, are L-shaped, and have retaining clips/lugs as part of the bracket – there was a photograph of a white bracket on the blog entry I found.
Looking at my bed, the slats are 2″ wide (seem to be slightly more than 50mm, so I am assuming 2″) with what I would guess is a 3″ gap between the slats themselves, giving a 7″ end to end distance (180mm). It was purchased from Argos a few years ago.
In terms of this thread being on your blog, no problems (with name and address removed).
Many thanks

Sorry for the late reply, but I’m still at work.

Don’t worry, I fully understood but the adjustable bed you have is not made to the same quality as our adjustable bed mechanism. A 3″ gap between the slats sounds excessive but, if it does the job! Our adjustable bed mattress side retaining bars can still be used by cutting off the clips and screwing down through the main body of the plastic which will line up perfectly over your slats. Using the screws makes the clips obsolete. We can pre drill and countersink them for you and remove the clips.

Thanks John

Thanks for all of this. Address for package is:

Thanks once again, and best regards

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