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Adjustable Bed Trade Customers

As you know the three main components of an adjustable bed are the Base, adjustable bed mechanism and a mattress that is suitable for use with an adjustable bed.
‘Back Care Beds’ is our retail division of ‘High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd’ who have been manufacturing these adjustable bed components for the past twenty two years.
Trade customers can buy direct from High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd
Retailers with multiple bed outlets,
Retailers with one bed outlet,
Retailers with related products, mobility, furniture etc,
Direct sales,
Online retailers, directories etc
We have a structured trade price list for adjustable beds that is based on predicted quantities of adjustable beds that will be ordered. Visit to register as a trade customer.
What is the definition of an Adjustable Bed ‘Trade Customer?’
Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up. We have helped several entrepreneurs to become established retailers of adjustable beds. How did they start? The normal story is an individual buying an adjustable bed for their own use. These individuals often have some previous business experience, but it is surprising how many had no business experience at all. Finding it to have made an improvement to their lifestyle, health or mobility. Looking around them to see how many other people could also benefit from adjustable beds. The second step is finding someone in need, buying the adjustable bed direct from ‘High & Dry Manufacturing Ltd’. Add a reasonable profit margin and a new adjustable bed trade customer is born!

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