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Waterbed Heater

Waterbeds are temperature controlled.

We are back from holiday in freezing cold England.  It is very nice to get back to a warm comfortable bed. As you know waterbeds are temperature controlled, see our waterbed accessories for more details.

Waterbed Heater

Waterbed Heater

If you have an existing hardside or softside waterbed and need to replace the old heater, this can be done without emptying the water mattress. Please read the blog and watch our video.

If you require a replacement waterbed heater you can buy online and we will send by next day carrier.

Every waterbed must have a heater. Without it the temperature of the bed would drop below a comfortable temperature. The heater is low power generally between 220w and 350w

As the warmth is coming from the waterbed mattress below you, so you do not overheat we would recommend a nice light weight quilt of 4.5 tog.

In the winter it is lovely to get into a nice warm waterbed however it is not warm that you will sweat, just warm relative to the air temperature which means you can also have a window open without getting too cold. On the other hand kept at the same temperature, the bed will feel relatively cool in the summer as the air temperature rises.

Waterbed Control

Waterbed Control

The temperature is adjusted with a dial on the control which is normally easy to access and then tucked out of the way at the head end of the bed. The temperature is thermostatically controlled with the thermostat built into the waterbed heater pad.

The heat pad is always below the waterbed safety liner so that the water bed mattress draws the temperature from the heater through the liner to ensure the heat pad will not overheat and that water could not come in contact with the heater should a leak occur in the mattress.

Although the controls are not necessarily accurately calibrated, a good setting to get started is around 27.5 degrees. Once the temperature has settled then you can make fine tuning adjustments to give the perfect temperature. If a couple find they cannot agree on a temperature that suits both of them, for an additional cost the dual mattress with individual heaters and controls may be the best solution.


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