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Mattress side retaining bars for Adjustable beds

I saw your advert on the internet while searching for “Mattress Retainers” on Google. My Mother has recently bought an adjustable single bed from a high street retailer and, although it has a retainer at the foot, I felt that it really needed at least one at the side to stop the necessarily slippery mattress from sliding sideways on the adjustable bed base,when you first sit on it: it seems quite dangerous for my elderly Father. The Mattress Side Retaining Bars shown on your site look ideal for what I want, although I suspect that an industry standard mechanism (18mm wood) has been used: would this preclude their use? Regards,

Hi Customers name removed
They will still fit all adjustable beds with a wooden slatted mechanism because we use two small screws to secure them.
They are £5 each + £6 next day carrier + VAT, Total £30.55
If you would like to order, please email your name, address and phone
number. Then call 023 9287 3444 after 10am to make a card payment.
This is the price for one set. Please confirm if it is one or two adjustable beds? Thanks John

Hi John,

Thanks for the info about the adjustable beds. Just a few questions before I proceed-
Which piece of wood on the adjustable bed base is the securing screw screwed into?
Are there any projections on the under side which locate it laterally on the adjustable bed slats?

Noting that a ‘set’ comprises 4 units, at which points along the side do you recommend that they are affixed?
In readiness for a sale here are my details:- Customer details removed

Hi Customers name removed

There are 2 pre-drilled countersunk holes, so the small screws supplied screw into the adjustable bed slats which you will notice, are in pairs.

There are hooks on each side which wrap around the slats, Just squeeze the slats together. See Photo attached

Side retaining bar

Like I said, the slats will be in pairs, so choose a pair in the shoulder area and the pair just below the knee break. One on each side. please see 2nd photo attached showing the location on the length of the adjustable bed mechanism.

Thanks John

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