Build An Adjustable Bed Build A Waterbed

We are adding adjustable bed and waterbed installation guides

At High & Dry Waterbeds we pride ourselves on our excellent service. Installations, moves, replacing a waterbed mattress and many other services are all carried out by our servicing department Bed Tech Ltd. We will only employ an installer with several years experience. We will try if possible to arrange the installation around the customer so that they can see everything to do with the bed and so be confident to carry out adjustments and regular maintenance.

Imagine a busy Saturday in our shop, the phone rings and a customer wants to know how to get air out of their waterbed mattress. ofter repeating the same advice to our customers over the phone on how to look after their mattress, we have discovered a simple effective solution and are saving hours each week. For example when we are asked how to repair a leak in a waterbed we can simply go to the  blog and email the information. So we are now looking to add more categories. If you have questions, and would like to see a full explanation relating to waterbeds or adjustable beds, please reply through this blog.

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