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VAT exemption for waterbeds

VAT exemption for waterbeds. Why not

If you suffer from a chronic medical condition that will be helped by purchasing an electric adjustable bed, you will qualify for VAT exemption. Running at 20% from 4th January 2011. A significant amount.

If you buy a waterbed which undoubtedly gives far greater pressure relief which can even be a life saver, tough!!! Numerous benefits aided by waterbeds are overlooked by HM Revenues and Customs. Countless times we have tried to get them to bend in cases of extreme disability and need, but that would lose valuable revenue and that is far more important. But, (I know you shouldn’t start a sentence with ‘But’) how short sighted is it to allow VAT exemption on a bloody Vacuum cleaner???? Clears dust mites. Good argument, but a Waterbed doesn’t have dust mites, touché. Can anyone in a position of authority give a backhander to a colleague in the right department to get this amended? We all know how successive British governments work.

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