Build An Adjustable Bed Build A Waterbed

The solitaire waterbed

Since we stopped producing the solitaire waterbed combined with an adjustable bed base, we have received far more enquiries from potential buyers.

The Solitaire was specifically designed to be a light weight single waterbed to be used by children or elderly. With the obvious benefits that only a waterbed gives such as no dust mites, perfect for asthma sufferers. Temperature controlled, perfect for everybody, warm in winter and cool in the summer. And comfort, no other mattress supports as well as a waterbed mattress.

Why did we stop producing it?

Mainly because as an adjustable bed it was difficult to move. Bearing in mind that generally the bed would need to be moved quite often. Although it contained a relatively small volume of water it was still very heavy. The foot end of the adjustable bed mechanism needed to be disabled so that a waterbed heater could be used for temperature control, this requires that there is enough volume of water above the heat pad to transfer the heat or the pad could overheat with serious consequences.  Memory foam mattresses have improved over the years of it’s development. Although a waterbed mattress gives far greater pressure relief and support than a memory foam mattress, on an adjustable bed the waterbed mattress was not as practical as the memory foam mattress.


Due to the disadvantages of the Solitaire we decided to stick with the memory foam mattress and developed the Serena adjustable bed range with great success.

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