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Editorial in Cabinet Maker

Editorial in this months Cabinet Maker magazine.

Back Care Beds report online sales boom

Manufacturers of adjustable beds and waterbeds, Back Care Beds, have reported a 30% increase in sales traffic to the adjustable beds section of the company website.

Back Care Beds, which sells direct to the public and to the trade, has three sub-sites from the company’s main page: Adjustable Beds, Waterbeds and Nursing Beds.

Director John Boyton-Salts attributes the increase in traffic to the adjustable beds page to the recent work their web design and SEO provider have put into the site.

This has helped push its ranking to second page on the Google listings, when customers search for the key word: ‘adjustable bed or adjustable beds. Our aim is page one ranking by October which could see sales increase dramatically.

“We’ve got a bit more work to do on the site; adding more content and information for the adjustable beds section and a complete overhaul of the dated waterbeds section,” said Mr Boyton-Salts. “But we are really pleased with the recent increase in traffic which has gone up by around 30% over the last two weeks.”

Mr Boyton-Salts added that the range of adjustable beds and waterbeds was adapted specifically for the website, as online shoppers tend to be very price focused.

“People are looking for a bargain when they shop on the internet so we tend to keep out higher end products for the store.”

Back Care Beds is planning to update the other sections of the website and will continue to pursue online sales, which now account for just under half of the company’s sales across the business.

“Initially, when we first started out, I didn’t believe that people would buy adjustable beds or waterbeds online without seeing them first. But there has been an absolute boom in online retail sales so it’s an area of the business we will be really focusing on.”

Trade customers can log onto  where we have fantastic quality adjustable beds and waterbeds. We are able to sell the adjustable bed mechanisms and other components separately to bed manufacturers.

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