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I am a physio working in rehab. I’m wondering what your thoughts are about deflating an alternating air mattress to treat a patient on an adjustable nursing care bed…. How long would a mattress take to reinflate once switched off?
Could you email me as it may be difficult to reach me by phone. Regards. – Customer Details Removed –


Dear – Customer Details Removed –

I would say that your work will be very difficult with the mattress inflated. so it would be no problem deflating the air mattress. Quickest method rather than switching it off, because the alternating air mattress will stay pressurised for some time. Just disconnect the push fit hoses where they join the pump (Depending on the manufacturer) 

It normally takes about 3 – 5 minutes to reinflate, however there will still be some pressure relief during this time.

Something to check first. Depending on whether it is a full replacement alternating air mattress or an overlay.

The over lay air mattress should be used with an underlay foam mattress approximately 2″ thick. this will be fine for your patient short term.

A full replacement alternating air mattress, should have a foam base section built in. If the mattress has a CPR feature, the air is released very quickly to administer CPR and the patient will be on the built in foam base.

Any further advise please email or call, and maybe give details of the air mattress and your patients conditions. Good luck John

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