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The solitaire waterbed

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Since we stopped producing the solitaire waterbed combined with an adjustable bed base, we have received far more enquiries from potential buyers.

The Solitaire was specifically designed to be a light weight single waterbed to be used by children or elderly. With the obvious benefits that only a waterbed gives such as no dust mites, perfect for asthma sufferers. Temperature controlled, perfect for everybody, warm in winter and cool in the summer. And comfort, no other mattress supports as well as a waterbed mattress.

Why did we stop producing it?

Editorial in Cabinet Maker

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Editorial in this months Cabinet Maker magazine.

Back Care Beds report online sales boom

Manufacturers of adjustable beds and waterbeds, Back Care Beds, have reported a 30% increase in sales traffic to the adjustable beds section of the company website.

Back Care Beds, which sells direct to the public and to the trade, has three sub-sites from the company’s main page: Adjustable Beds, Waterbeds and Nursing Beds.

Director John Boyton-Salts attributes the increase in traffic to the adjustable beds page to the recent work their web design and SEO provider have put into the site.

This has helped push its ranking to second page on the Google listings, when customers search for the key word: ‘adjustable bed or adjustable beds. Our aim is page one ranking by October which could see sales increase dramatically.

“We’ve got a bit more work to do on the site; adding more content and information for the adjustable beds section and a complete overhaul of the dated waterbeds section,” said Mr Boyton-Salts. “But we are really pleased with the recent increase in traffic which has gone up by around 30% over the last two weeks.”

Mr Boyton-Salts added that the range of adjustable beds and waterbeds was adapted specifically for the website, as online shoppers tend to be very price focused.

“People are looking for a bargain when they shop on the internet so we tend to keep out higher end products for the store.”

Back Care Beds is planning to update the other sections of the website and will continue to pursue online sales, which now account for just under half of the company’s sales across the business.

“Initially, when we first started out, I didn’t believe that people would buy adjustable beds or waterbeds online without seeing them first. But there has been an absolute boom in online retail sales so it’s an area of the business we will be really focusing on.”

Trade customers can log onto  where we have fantastic quality adjustable beds and waterbeds. We are able to sell the adjustable bed mechanisms and other components separately to bed manufacturers.

VAT exemption for waterbeds

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

VAT exemption for waterbeds. Why not

If you suffer from a chronic medical condition that will be helped by purchasing an electric adjustable bed, you will qualify for VAT exemption. Running at 20% from 4th January 2011. A significant amount.

If you buy a waterbed which undoubtedly gives far greater pressure relief which can even be a life saver, tough!!! Numerous benefits aided by waterbeds are overlooked by HM Revenues and Customs. Countless times we have tried to get them to bend in cases of extreme disability and need, but that would lose valuable revenue and that is far more important. But, (I know you shouldn’t start a sentence with ‘But’) how short sighted is it to allow VAT exemption on a bloody Vacuum cleaner???? Clears dust mites. Good argument, but a Waterbed doesn’t have dust mites, touché. Can anyone in a position of authority give a backhander to a colleague in the right department to get this amended? We all know how successive British governments work.

waterbed and adjustable beds online

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Enq  :  Could you set your website up so that customers can order and pay
for waterbed products on line.


Dear – Customer Details Removed –

We have added your email address to our data base, so when we are ready to
email reminders for waterbed conditioner, you’ll be the first to know. And,
yes you will soon be able to buy waterbed and adjustable bed products and
accessories online

Thanks John

Serena twin adjustable beds

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

I am interested in the 2’6″ Serena twin adjustable beds but am limited in width as the adjustable beds need to fit into an alcove between 2 wardrobes.  Could you please confirm what the total width of 2 x 2’6″ twin adjustable beds when placed side by side would be.
Also is there a choice of lengths for the adjustable beds?
and what is the guarantee period?


Hi – Customer Details Removed –

I sent you an email reply late last night that I hope you received regarding width and length of the bed.

In addition, we give a 5 year guarantee on the adjustable bed mechanism and memory foam mattresses. Having said that, we have been manufacturing and supplying these beds for the past 15 years and they have proven to be extremely reliable.

Please call 0800 074 9866 to discuss further. Thanks John


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  Unfortunately I didn’t receive the e-mail regarding width and length of the adjustable beds – could you resend the information please.

Regards, – Customer Details Removed –


Hi, I sent the message at 11.51pm from a blackberry (Too much technology)!

The combined width of the 2 adjustable beds is exactly 5′ (60″) however we are able to make the adjustable beds a couple of inches less to clear your alcove. The best idea is to tell us the maximum width that will fit.

The standard length of the beds is 6’6″ (78″) but again we can increase this for a small additional cost.

If you would like more information over the weekend, you can email me and I can call you back if you wish.

Have a nice weekend. Thanks John


Hi John – is it possible to make a shorter adjustable bed – ideally 6’3″?  Regarding the 5′ width – the gap we have is 60 and 5/8 inches so presumably that should be OK?  Also what is the height of the bed from the floor to the top of the mattress and what is the depth of the mattress?



Hi – Customer Details Removed –

Sorry for the delay replying. I was out on the road yesterday.

Length is no problem at 6’3″ and is the same price.

The mattress depth is 8″ This is the recommended depth of the best quality memory foam mattresses. The standard height of the adjustable bed is 22″ from the floor to the top of the mattress. This can be higher or lower to suit you, and again there is no extra charge. You can tell us the height you require.

Width, even if that sounds like a tight fit, it will not be a problem making the bed. To fit sheets on an adjustable bed is far easier, because you simply raise the head end, hook the sheets on and lower it back down. What area do you live? John


Hi John, thanks for you help with our order.
As discussed we would like 2 x 2’6″ twin adjustable beds with foot end drawers – bed
lenght 6′ 3″, height to top of mattress 24″. I have attached the photograph
with measurements which highlights the problem caused by the side skirting
boards in the alcove where the head of the adjustable bed will go. It’s rather a large
Word document so I’ve reduced the size as much as possible but the size of
the photo can be increased once it has been downloded.


Hi, – Customer Details Removed –

Good photo and drawing. As an ex toolmaker I appreciate the engineering drawing. It makes
life much easier for us. Paul is back in the workshop Monday, I will discuss the best way to work
around the skirting and discuss this with you.
Thanks John


Great, Thank you for the order.
Paul will contact you reference delivery method and date.
Thanks John

adjustable nursing care bed

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

I am a physio working in rehab. I’m wondering what your thoughts are about deflating an alternating air mattress to treat a patient on an adjustable nursing care bed…. How long would a mattress take to reinflate once switched off?
Could you email me as it may be difficult to reach me by phone. Regards. – Customer Details Removed –


Dear – Customer Details Removed –

I would say that your work will be very difficult with the mattress inflated. so it would be no problem deflating the air mattress. Quickest method rather than switching it off, because the alternating air mattress will stay pressurised for some time. Just disconnect the push fit hoses where they join the pump (Depending on the manufacturer) 

It normally takes about 3 – 5 minutes to reinflate, however there will still be some pressure relief during this time.

Something to check first. Depending on whether it is a full replacement alternating air mattress or an overlay.

The over lay air mattress should be used with an underlay foam mattress approximately 2″ thick. this will be fine for your patient short term.

A full replacement alternating air mattress, should have a foam base section built in. If the mattress has a CPR feature, the air is released very quickly to administer CPR and the patient will be on the built in foam base.

Any further advise please email or call, and maybe give details of the air mattress and your patients conditions. Good luck John