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downloadable “Adjustable bed assembly” page

Dear Jane,

 Thank you for your helpful phone call. 

I have found the downloadable “Adjustable bed assembly” page on your website. There is more to this than I imagined!. I note that you have a nationwide delivery and installation service at £100.  I would be happy with that figure for delivery and assembly. Could you let me know if this is possible?

 Regards from – Customer Details Removed –



The adjustable bed can be shipped to you on a pallet at a cost of £50.00 and there are two ways of accessing the adjustable beds installation instructions (Pictures).

On the website  – click adjustable beds and at the bottom right you will see a small arrow and delivery and Installation.  Click that and the instructions will come up.  Also if you have been using the Build a Bed section – the instructions can be located at Step 7 in a PDF Format which will allow you to print them if you require.

 For an additional £50 (Total £100) we will deliver, install and give full operating instructions for the adjustable bed and the massage unit, although it is pretty self explanatory.

I hope this helps


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