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adjustable bed for my weight of 22 stone

Dear Sir, 

I suffer from heart failure and associated problems of oedema, breathlessness, etc. I need a 3 foot single adjustable bed with memory foam mattress which must support my weight of 22 stone. Please advise best price (ballpark figure)

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Dear – Customer Details Removed –


Thank you very much for your enquiry.

Yes we can easily upgrade the Adjustable bed to cater for weights up to 25 stone. The additional cost of £250 is to use 2 motors instead of one (Each motor unit actually contains and operates two motors making a total of four)

We also upgrade the thickness of the adjustable bed slats, The total cost  £850.00 plus vat. 


As you mentioned in your enquiry, such medical conditions will exempt you from paying VAT for your adjustable bed and an exemption form can be downloaded and returned to us from the website. 


By raising the adjustable bed head and or foot section, many medical symptoms can be relieved, providing sometimes the best nights sleep someone may have had in years.


The adjustable beds themselves are a fantastic quality with the majority of the bed made from our own factory in West Sussex. The top cover is removable and machine washable and is manufactured in a lovely thick quilted fabric.  Extra covers are also available.  We also have a very committed servicing department for both installations, advice and after sales service.

 The adjustable beds themselves are beautifully upholstered and if you would like fabric samples we can also supply these to you.

 We also stock a selection of sheets which fit the adjustable beds nice and snug. They are 97% cotton but stretchy which make the beds very easy to make.

 If you would like any more information on the adjustable beds or would like to place and order, please do not hesitate to call on 02392 811223.  Our showroom in Southsea is open Mon – Saturday 10am-5.15pm.

 Kind Regards


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