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weight limit for your Serena adjustable beds

Enquiry  :  Hi could you tell me the weight limit for your Serena adjustable beds please.  Email would be preferable at this stage as I am disabled and don’t cope very well on the telephone.  Many thanks  – Customer Details Removed –


Hi  – Customer Details Removed –

There is no weight limit for the Serena adjustable bed, however at 18 stone it would be advisable to upgrade the design to incorporate two motors instead of one, also to upgrade the thickness and layout of the slats.

The additional cost of this is £170.

I hope this answers your initial enquiry.

To give maximum support the memory foam mattress is the best. Pocket sprung mattresses have obvious problems on adjustable beds. If you let me know what width adjustable bed you would like and your weight roughly, I would be able to recommend the most suitable grade of memory foam mattress for you.

If there is anything else you would like to know, please feel free to email.

Thank you for your enquiry.


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