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Subject: New customer!

 Dear Paul,

 Just a note to say how much I am appreciating the waterbed. It’s done wonders for my stiff neck / back ache.

I received a reminder to buy waterbed conditioner – but don’t believe that I need it for another few months yet. Have you filed it in the wrong month?! And how often is one supposed to use the vinyl cleaner?

 I feel as though the waterbed has “settled” now, should I top it up with water? Could I put a strain on the foam sides on getting in and out!!

 Please send a brochure to : – Customer Details Removed –

 who is also genuinely interested in buying a new  waterbed…..


From: High and Dry

To: – Customer Details Removed –

Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 4:54 PM

Subject: Re: New customer!

 Hello – Customer Details Removed –

 Glad to hear you’re loving your new waterbed 🙂 Always nice to get feed back from our customers.

 Please ignore the reminder letter for conditioner, sometimes the month reminder letters get printed during the end of a month rather than at the start so if a new customer has received a new bed during the start of the month it can show needing a reminder letter the same month and year it was fitted (if that makes sense). You should receive your first waterbed conditioner reminder letter approx 6 months from the time of fitting.

 It’s a good idea to purchase vinyl cleaner when you buy your first batch of waterbed conditioner. A few squirts of this over the mattress, then wipe off with a cloth, help to keep the vinyl mattress fresh, clean and supple during its lifespan. A bottle should last you a year or so. Obviously you can use it more if you want. It’s normally best to use it when you are washing the top cover or adding conditioner as this is when you have the top cover un-zipped.

 Yes your waterbedmattress will have settled by now, normally seven to ten days. There is no need to add water if you are feeling comfortable and are happy with the bed. We only top up mattress if customers feel they require more support / firmer mattress.. But if you are already feeling the benefit of the waterbed, then we’ve probable got the water levels spot on 🙂

 The waterbed you have  is the Sophie, and is the best softside waterbed available. The foam sides are designed to hinge when you get on and off and are robust, so you aren’t putting them under any strain. The foam sides of lower quality waterbeds will inevitably bow out as they are not deigned for people to sit on them.

Thanks for the recommendation, I will send – Customer Details Removed – a brochure today. 

Kind regards Paul

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