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Adjustable Bed Handset

Dear Back Care Beds,

Customer Comments: Like more information on adjustable bed handset ie. How many motors, backup if there is a power cut

Description of adjustable Bed: Single Bed | Width: 3′ 6 | Frame: Fixed | Mattress Type: Reflex, Reflex Medium | No headboard | Extras: Delivery Only
Price Ex VAT: 449.00

Hi – Customer Details Removed –

Having spoken with – Customer Details Removed –, we have established that you would need the 4 Motor adjustable bed mechanism. This would add £200 to our standard 2 motor system giving full control to the legs / feet and back / neck sections.

The ideal mattress to give maximum support and pressure relief would be the Medium Memory foam mattress.

 The 4 motor adjustable bed system is only available in 3′ actually finishing at 3’1″.

Although our standard mechanisms come with battery backup the 4 motor does not unless you pay crazy money for a special handset with built in back up.

Honest opinion – you do not need a backup on this type of adjustable bed, because if the bed is in the raised position and a power cut occurs, the bed will remain in the same position.

 £599 Serena 5 part Adjustable Bed with memory foam mattress

£200 Upgrade to 4 motor system

£ 50.00  Delivery Only (Easy self assembly)

if installation required add £50

Any further questions please call 0800 074 9866

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