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Why did my waterbed mattress leak?

Waterbed mattresses are made from PVC which is supplied to waterbed manufacturers in a choice of qualities mainly based on price. However, to say you get what you pay for is not always the case but a good indication of quality.

High PriceThere are many European waterbed manufacturers that have tried to reinvent the waterbed, give it all the bells and whistles and triple the price. The problem is that a waterbed works in such a natural way that over complicating it actually detracts from its benefits and life expectancy. This was proven over the last ten years with disastrous consequences of the companies that could not cope with the number of warranty returns.  

Low PriceThe internet has definitely driven down prices. Good for the consumer, or is it? When customers search on line for a lower priced waterbed mattress the cheapest retailer will get the order. How does a retailer manage to sell waterbed mattresses cheaply? Simply sell a quality that is not going to last. Give it a long warranty that you know it will never fulfill in the knowledge that you would have taken the money and run. Simply read the stories of complaints about any product sold on line. The problem is if someone has no intention of parting with your money you wont get it back.

Who do you trust?A waterbed retailer with a retail outlet as opposed to his front room. A Waterbed retailer that has been in busines longer than the warranty period offered on his waterbed mattresses. High & Dry Waterbeds, trading twenty one years. Offering a Genuine five year warranty and a mattress expected to easily outlast that. Not the cheapest, but the best waterbed mattresses available.

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