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What happened to the British Waterbed Association

I joined the British Waterbed Association over 21 years ago. The members were waterbed retailers and suppliers of associated waterbed products such as waterbed heaters, waterbeds fitted sheets, waterbed mattresses, waterbed safety liners and waterbed frames. Many were European waterbed companies. All members personally cared passionately about waterbeds because most members had got into the waterbed industry after having bought a waterbed, subsequently realising that every person would sleep much better if they had a waterbed but at that time there were very few waterbed retailers (Myself included, but that is another blog to come!) Waterbed manufacturers like High & Dry Waterbeds and others would exhibit every year or every two years generating revenue for the British Waterbed Association. Revenue was also generated through a waterbed heater levy. £2 was donated for every waterbed sold. This was a great idea because a waterbed heater will last several years and is a fairly good indication of how many waterbeds have been sold. The contributions were made anonymously through an independent accountant. The funds were used by the British Waterbed Association to promote waterbed benefits through a public relations company, adverts and features about waterbeds in health magazines and producing fact sheets, questions and answers and waterbed brochures. So where did it all go wrong? (To follow)

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