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The internet has changed advertising of waterbeds

How the internet has effected our advertising of waterbeds and adjustable beds. For years we would spend several thousand pounds a year on yellow pages advertising. Adjustable beds would be listed under beds and bedding. Waterbeds was also listed under beds and bedding but then on the advice of the British Waterbed Association yellow pages introduced a Water Bed heading. This meant increasing the yearly budget. the problem was that the heading Water bed as two separate words as opposed to Waterbed on word, appeared after water treatment etc. So someone looking for waterbeds would give up after not finding it alphabetically. We complained but got no where. We were just a little waterbed business and they were all powerful Yellow Pages. At the time Yellow Pages were the equivalent of Google. With the increase of public access to the internet we have shifted (Way too slowly) towards having a waterbed and adjustable bed web site. Originally the intention was for our Waterbed trade customers to be able to access and use our waterbed information for there own waterbed websites. We got seriously left behind by our own trade customers. The reason as that we started to focus on production of adjustable beds and as this side of the business grew and began to make increasing profit we took our eye off the ball as far as the value of internet advertising of waterbeds. When you are making healthy profit from waterbed sales, it is easy to become complacent and assume nothing needs to change. The internet has revolutionised the waterbed industry, partly for good but in my opinion mainly for the bad, and I will explain in a later blog. So now we have reduced our Yellow Pages exposure and put that money to a web design company that were highly recommended and did our So how to show our waterbeds on our website? as we had previously had such success with our adjustable bed website mainly the build an adjustable bed feature. So lets have a go at making a build a waterbed online. It will have to show a choice of two softsided waterbeds, different sized waterbeds that we offer, choice of waterbed mattresses, waterbed headboards, and waterbed accessories. So lets see how it goes

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  1. Tool company says:

    We have had the exact same experience but not with waterbeds, what are waterbeds like? my cousin’s got an old hardside waterbed and he swears by it but my missus says she’ll get sea sick, is the mattress with fiber made to stpo that?

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