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Adjustable bed sizes

At back care beds we manufacture adjustable beds in Imperial sizes (English) Low cost adjustable bed mechanisms imported from Europe are metric equivilent sizes. For example a 3′ or 36″ width adjustable bed is made 90cm, so when it is placed inside an adjustable bed base, the width is 94cm which is 3’1″. Maybe that’s no big deal, but twin adjustable beds become 6’2″. If you order twin adjustable beds at 2’6″ and they need to fit into a fitted bedroom width of 5′ or 60″ Confirm that the adjustable beds will finish 60″ and not 62″. This may be a minor point, but be aware.

We also make adjustable bed length as standard 78″ (6’6″) but can make longer or shorter.

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  1. Back Care Beds says:

    I forgot to mention, we make adjustable beds 2’3″ – 2’6″ – 2’9″ – 3′ 4′ and 4’6″ widths

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