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The wheels are back in motion… This was our first blog and was first started back in January 2010 to get the ball rolling and this is as far as it got. We are now in April 2012 and have published sixty nine blogs. We are getting the hang of it, trying to make them more informative and interesting so that customers can get information, tips and advice. For example our blog on how to empty a waterbed mattress has helped many customers over the years. When we started writing we were given conflicting advice as far as how and why to add blogs to our website.

Keyword density, apparently keywords are picked up by Google to help rank our site higher. Originally we were told that 7% was the ideal density, in other words every fifteenth word should be a keyword. In our case it is ‘waterbeds’ ‘adjustable beds‘ and several other associated words. Not only does that make terrible reading but it is also considered as spam which Google penalizes. Whether we were given bad advice at the time or maybe Google has since changed the way it ranks content and we should only mention waterbeds or adjustable beds about three times in the whole blog. Now we have had to go back through all our badly written blogs and make them readable.

I’ll come back to this blog in a few more years and find it’s all changed again.








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